Product851NHow do I connect to a wired network?

How do I connect to a wired network?

It is vitally important that your 851N remains connected to your network as often as possible. This will ensure that the unit is regularly updated to meet essential security protocols, third party compatibility and the latest software requirements.

Failure to maintain your device with regular firmware updates as provided by Cambridge Audio will void the product warranty and is likely to cause major issues to the unit in time. Please ensure that your unit is updated to the most current firmware version. Information on the latest firmware version for the 851N can be found here.

Note: The 851N is not compatible with captive portal networks. The 851N works only on 2.4GHz WiFi. Where possible, avoid the use of powerline adapters, Wi-Fi signal boosters/extenders as these can disrupt the reliability of the network connection.

Ensuring the unit is powered down, connect a network cable (Category 5/5E straight-through Ethernet cable) between the 851N and your router.

Your 851N will now automatically connect to the network.

connecting to a wired network