Product851NCan I connect to the 851N using Bluetooth?

Can I connect to the 851N using Bluetooth?

You can connect to the 851N using Bluetooth by using the optional BT100 Bluetooth receiver.
The BT100 is a USB dongle available from our website. BT100

Connect the BT100 to one of the available USB ports on the rear of the 851N
(Please note: The optional Cambridge Audio BT100 Bluetooth dongle can be connected to any available USB socket.)

Pairing the BT100 Bluetooth dongle:

  1. Connect the BT100 to an available USB port.
    (Bluetooth will shortly appear as a source input that can be added to the StreamMagic app)

  2. Next, the pairing of the BT100 must be carried out with the intended Bluetooth-enabled source device.

  3. Using the front panel controls, navigate to settings and then using the rotary dial scroll down to Bluetooth.

  4. Press the dial to select Bluetooth and on-screen you will see 'enable pairing'. 'No' will be ticked and you must use the rotary dial to select and tick 'Yes'.* (You will have about ten seconds to do this before having to return to settings and selecting Bluetooth again.)

  5. After a few moments you will see a Bluetooth pairing notification on the unit's display. The 851N and BT100 are now in pairing mode and should be visible for connection on your BT-enabled source device.

  6. Follow your source devices' usual Bluetooth pairing prompts or procedures.

Bluetooth connectivity to the 851N will now be possible and selectable as a source.