ProductCXA61/81What is the best way to connect my CXN V2 to my CXA61/81?

What is the best way to connect my CXN V2 to my CXA61/81?


Using RCA cables will enable an unbalanced analogue connection to your CXA61/81. RCA cables are very convenient and fairly cheap, whilst still providing excellent quality.

Balanced: (CXA81 only)

As the CXA81 features balanced inputs, you can use XLR cables to enable a balanced analogue connection with your CXN. This will provide a cleaner signal path compared to an RCA unbalanced connection, especially over longer cable lengths. The increase in audio quality they provide, however, is subjective when used over shorter lengths. Generally, we would recommend a balanced XLR connection when using cables in excess of 5 metres.

Please Note: Pressing the A1 input selection button will toggle between the balanced and unbalanced inputs on the CXA81. The balanced input is shown by A1 being lit orange, while the unbalanced input is shown by A1 being lit blue.


Using either of the digital connections below will bypass the CXN V2’s internal DACs and ensure you make use of the high quality DAC within the CXA61/81.

  • CXA61 DAC - ESS Sabre ES9010K2M

  • CXA81 DAC - ESS Sabre ES9016K2M




Please note: You will need to press the appropriate digital input selection button on the CXA61/81 to select the input that your CXN V2 is connected to.

We would generally recommend an analogue connection between the two units (preferably a balanced connection if you have the CXA81), to make use of the CXN V2’s internal DACs and the upsampling technology which will ensure all sources are Upsampled to 24bit/384kHz.