ProductEDGE ACan I use a Turntable with my EDGE A?

Can I use a Turntable with my EDGE A?

You can certainly connect a turntable to either of the EDGE A's RCA analogue inputs, however, as the amplifier does not have a built-in phono stage, you will require an external phono stage between the turntable and the EDGE A, or a turntable with its own integrated phono stage.

A phono stage boosts the low output from a turntable to 'line level' to allow connection to an amplifier as well as ensuring a minimal amount of noise and distortion within the signal.

As the amplifier has no phono stage built in, it is also not fitted with a Turntable Earth. Our phono stages have an earth for this reason.

If you are using another manufacturer's phono stage that is not fitted with an earthing connection, you will need to consult with the turntable manufacturer for earthing options.