ProductEDGE AHow do I connect my Macbook/iMac to the EDGE A?

How do I connect my Macbook/iMac to the EDGE A?

How-to guide

1. Run a USB Audio cable from the D5 input (5) on your EDGE A to a free USB port on your computer

Be aware if you own a Macbook from 2016 or later you may need to purchase an additional USB-C adapter or a USB-C to USB-B cable.

rear panel

2. Upon turning on your EDGE A select the D5 input

You should notice that the EDGE A appears as 'CA Edge 2.0' under Output within your Sound Settings (System Preferences > Sound> Output).

EDGE A listed as an Output device within Sound Settings.

3. Make sure that the EDGE A is selected as the Output Device

4. To achieve the best possible sound quality you will need to navigate to Audio MIDI Setup (Finder>Applications>Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup). Within 'Format' you will be able to select which sample rate and bit depth to use

We would recommend selecting the highest available.

EDGE A Audio MIDI Setup options

5. Now all audio from your computer will be routed to and played back on the speakers connected to your EDGE A