ProductEVO CDThe wooden side panels on my EVO CD and EVO 75/150 don’t match.

The wooden side panels on my EVO CD and EVO 75/150 don’t match.

The wooden side panels included with your EVO CD and EVO 75/150 are made from real wood. Due to natural variations in wood, it's possible that the side panels may not perfectly match the existing ones on your EVO 75/150.

The 'older' wood panels that came with the EVO 75/150 tend to be lighter, while the newer side panels that come supplied with the EVO CD are darker.

If this is the case, we would suggest placing the EVO 75/150 side panels on one side and the EVO CD side panels on the other side of the two units, to achieve a better match.

If you are disappointed with the difference in your side panels, please do contact our support team directly who will be able to send you a new pair of wooden side panels.

Please note that the side panels we send will be the darker ones, so you will need to swap them with your existing EVO 75/150 side panels in order to match the 'new' EVO CD panels. Unfortunately, we won't be able to send out the lighter wood panels to match the 'old' ones on the EVO 75/150.

While we still can't guarantee that they'll be an exact match due to the nature and materials of manufacture, they should provide a closer match.