ProductDacMagic 200MWhat are the rear panel connections?
DacMagic 200M

What are the rear panel connections?



  1. Unbalanced audio outputs

  2. Balanced audio outputs

  3. Digital inputs 1 and 2

  4. USB Audio In
    For connecting to PC/MAC computers.
    Note: Class 2 USB Audio only. Windows-based PCs require a Cambridge Audio USB driver to be installed before connection

  5. Ground/Lift Switch
    Ground – This is the default position if no issues are experienced with USB connection. USB host and DacMagic 200M use a common ground for highest link reliability.
    Lift – Lifting the USB host ground can be useful if electronic hum is heard through the speakers. The switch should otherwise be left in the Ground

  6. Bluetooth Antenna

  7. DC 12V 2.0A power adaptor socket.