ProductDacMagic 200MCan the DacMagic 200M be used with TV's?
DacMagic 200M

Can the DacMagic 200M be used with TV's?

The Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M is designed to provide the highest possible quality replay from connected digital sources. To do this we have taken a no-compromise design route to ensure optimum results, and we suggest that the DAC should be partnered with products that provide a consistent and precise digital output.

Most, if not all good quality Hi-Fi products will meet these criteria, however, not all digital products will satisfy this requirement. Non-Hi-Fi products such as TV's and set-top boxes may experience interruptions, glitches or momentary dropouts during use.
This is due to an inconsistent sample rate being produced by the TV, that the DAC inside DacMagic 200M is unable to process, thus creating disruptions to the signal.

While there is no adjustment in the DacMagic 200M, you may find some user-configurable options in the settings menu of your device. Failing this, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer or read through the user guide of your device to determine if these settings can be adjusted.
For this reason, we cannot guarantee full compatibility with all TV's, set-top boxes, media players or non-Hi-Fi products.