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About the Melomania Touch EQ settings

The simplest and quickest way to set the EQ is to choose one of the six Pre-set options.

The ‘Immersive’ EQ Pre-set is the default in new earphones or those that have been reset. In older versions of the app this EQ profile was called ‘Balanced’. Based on customer feedback, we made this name change to better represent the sound. ‘Immersive’ and ‘Balanced’ are identical.

The EQ you hear is the combination of one of the selected Pre-set EQs plus a Custom EQ. Therefore, if you start with Pre-set EQ and tune it to your preference (let’s say to a visually flat EQ line) it will sound different to another Pre-set EQ tuned to the same visually flat EQ line. This is due to complexities within our software.

To fine tune a Pre-set EQ do either of the following:

  1. Select the Pre-set EQ that is closest to the sound you are aiming for. The graphical display will show you a representative EQ curve, which you can modify by moving the EQ band level indicators to achieve your ideal sound, then press the ‘Save’ button, select ‘Custom 1/2/3’ to save it as and press ‘Continue’.

  2. Select a ‘Custom’ EQ button and reset the EQ by clicking the button in the upper left corner. The graphical display initially shows a flat EQ line, however behind the scenes you are actually adjusting the ‘Immersive’ Pre-set EQ as the baseline. When you have your ideal sound press Save.

The selected EQ is stored in the earphones and will be saved there until overwritten or the earphones are reset, in which case the EQ will be reset to the default, the ‘Immersive’ Pre-set.

When you go to the EQ page in the app, the EQ settings stored in the app will be transferred to the earphones. If you update the Melomania App, the EQ settings will not change, however, intentionally clearing the app’s user data will clear all ‘Custom’ EQ settings.

Please note: for those with custom Pre-sets saved on Melomania Touch firmware prior to v2.1.7 or Melomania 1+ firmware prior to v8.0.2.

We have remapped the Pre-set EQs to introduce a new ‘Neutral’ Pre-set EQ. When you update the firmware from an earlier version (pre-v2.1.7 or pre-v8.0.2) any saved Custom EQs that were based on the ‘Balanced’ Pre-set will be applied to the ‘Neutral’ EQ as the baseline and will therefore sound quite different.

We do apologize for this confusion, should it apply to you. To return the EQ to the same as it was prior to the firmware update, note the positions of the ‘Custom’ EQ controls, reset the ‘Custom’ Pre-set, then adjust the EQ levels to the previous positions and ‘Save’. This will apply your custom settings to the ‘Immersive’ Pre-set and achieve the sound you previously fine-tuned to your liking.