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How do I connect Melomania Touch to a Garmin Watch?

First you must ensure that your Garmin watch is equipped with a compatible Bluetooth chip and can indeed connect to Bluetooth headphones.

  1. Ensure that your Melomania Touch are fully charged.

  2. Hold the touch panel on either Melomania Touch Left or Melomania Touch Right for 8 seconds to enable pairing.

  3. Hold the touchscreen on your Garmin.

  4. Select Settings > Sensors & Accessories > Add New >.

  5. Select Melomania Touch.

  6. You will hear “Melomania Paired” and “Melomania Connected” voice prompt.

  7. You may receive a pairing request from a short code (example: 00.1F.F0.13.01). Do not worry if you see this, accept this by selecting the green tick.

  8. Your Melomania Touch is now connected to your Garmin.

You will now be able to play any music you have stored on your Garmin.

After being correctly paired, your earphones should automatically connect to the Garmin when they are removed from their charging case or otherwise powered on.


If your Melomania Touch do not automatically connect to your Garmin Watch when removing them from the charging case:

  1. Hold the touchscreen on your Garmin.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Sensors & Accessories.

  4. Select Melomania Touch.

  5. Select Connect.

You will be able to play & pause your music using the Melomania Touch controls. We are, however, aware that it may not be possible to control volume using the touch control on the earphones and therefore must be adjusted using the watch. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

It may be possible to increase your volume but not decrease.

It may be possible to decrease your volume but not increase.