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Melomania Touch

How do I charge Melomania Touch?

Any good quality USB-C cable will charge the Melomania Touch case effectively.

There is a cable supplied within the box for this purpose.

You can also use a Speed or Fast charger with Melomania Touch. The case can be charged with any 5/9/12/20V Fast Charger or Speed Charger and will automatically adjust to the 5V power it needs.

To charge the case, please connect the supplied USB-C cable to any USB power supply or laptop socket; then connect the other end to the USB-C port on the charging case. Please ensure this is fully connected by pushing until there is a mechanical click sound and the battery indicator on the front of the case illuminates.

To charge the earbuds, simply put them back into the charging case and charging will begin automatically once a solid connection is made with the charging pins. Listen for a 'click' sound as your place them in the case, as this usually means they are in contact with the charging pins.

The earbud status light will slowly pulse red when charging and will stop pulsing to indicate they are fully charged.

To find out how long it should take to charge the Melomania Touch case and earbuds, please see the button below.