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Can third party foam tips be used with Melomania Touch?

Melomania Touch has been designed for use specifically with silicone ear tips (we provide three separate sizes of silicone ear tips with Melomania Touch in the box; small, medium, and large). These silicone ear tips are designed to sit comfortably against the opening to your ear canal and to stay there and seal your ear canal from outside noise. In our experience, using a foam ear tip which naturally expands once they sit in the ear could push the earbud out from its natural position within the ear canal, causing discomfort and reducing the optimum fit of the earbud. It is for this reason that we do not recommend that foam ear tips of any type are used with Melomania Touch.

The above all said, we are aware that some creative customers will still want to try and achieve an improved result for their individual ears. Although other tips made by other companies may fit Melomania Touch, these haven not been tested with the earphones, so we cannot guarantee the efficiency of these.

If you do come across a solution that works for you please do share it with us via the feedback link below, or via a support request, together with details about your ear type, so we can update this post.

If you require replacement silicone tips, these can be purchased through here, or from your regional Amazon.