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How many charges can the Melomania Touch case provide?

Once the case has been fully charged, it can provide four full charges to the earbuds (9 hours on a single charge). This will provide 50 hours of total playtime (when product is new) including the charge inside the earbuds, when in Low Power Mode.

If you decide to use our "High Power Mode", you'll sacrifice about 20% in battery efficiency in return for greater acoustic fidelity, wider sound stage and lower noise floor. You'll still get 7h on a single charge, and 40h total with the case! That's enough to fly from London to New York on a single charge, without having to put them in their case.

Reading your remaining battery charge
If you are unsure of how much charge is remaining in your case, there are five LEDs on the front which each represent 20% battery charge when the case is open.

For example, two solid LEDs means the battery case currently holds approximately 40% charge whilst all five solid LEDs indicates the case is fully charged.