ProductCXUHDWhy have the audio DACs been removed from the CXUHD?

Why have the audio DACs been removed from the CXUHD?

The CXUHD has been designed without DACs in order to reduce noise within its digital signal path which results in improved audio and picture quality. With support of the latest in 4K technologies included; HDR and Dolby Vision provide you with reference quality playback. The inclusion of 4K capability means you are experiencing an image with twice the amount of pixels of a 1080p full HD picture.

The Onboard Mediatek chipset is focused on decoding and rendering the video image, passing Dolby and DTS audio signals through to an AVR, soundbar or TV of your choice. This ensures the entire power of the 64bit quad-core Mediatek processor is used for image processing and giving you the very best 4K UHD viewing experience possible.

Other 4K players may use inferior image processors or use similar ones to decode both image and audio. This audio processing provides extra demands on the processor meaning the best possible image cannot be achieved.

The CXUHD has been designed without compromise to do one thing; to provide the best possible image. Giving you the very best image with HDR and Dolby Vision also included.