ProductCXUHDHow can I play my movies from a USB HDD on the CXUHD?

How can I play my movies from a USB HDD on the CXUHD?

When powering on the CXUHD you will be presented with the Home Page. The Home Page is there to assist you in navigating and playing media files from an inserted optical disc, USB flash drive, external hard drive, home network sharing.

You can bring up this Home Page at any time by pressing the HOME button on the CXUHD remote.

Along the bottom of the Home Page screen you will notice the Movie Icon. Here you can access corresponding type of media files from a connected USB drive and inserted data disc.

To play movie files stored on an optical disc or USB drive, select Movie from the Home menu. A file browser will appear to assist you in navigating through the files and folders.

The first step is to select the Data Disc or USB device that contains the movie files. The player will take a moment to read the media and list the folders and movie files. In the movie browser, you can perform the following operations:

Press the up and down buttons to move the cursor and select the movie file.

Press the Top menu button to move the cursor to the category menu in the top of the screen.

When a movie file is highlighted by the cursor, press the Enter or Play button to start playback. Once a movie file starts playing, the normal playback control functions are available.