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CXUHD & Oppo Digital

On April 2nd, 2018, Oppo Digital announced that they will gradually stop manufacturing new products with the eventual closure of their audio division.

The Cambridge Audio CXUHD shares its Mediatek platform with the Oppo 203; hence there may be some concern that this will adversely affect its future maintenance and support.

Firmware updates are a joint activity with Oppo and we share updates on the Mediatek platform. We both feedback to Mediatek and together we work to improve the performance and robustness of the platform.

Oppo have pledged to maintain long-term support for their products and we will continue to work with them to ensure that CXUHD customers continue to benefit from their expertise.

Our customers can rest assured that firmware will continue to be maintained and updates released from time to time when new features or bug fixes warrant such an upgrade.